6 Week Portraits
They are just beautiful Weimaraners & really starting to reveal their personalities, charm and also mischief - Orange was  actually
  digging a hole today!   I wish we could keep them all but we are very excited for the wonderful families and loving homes they are going to--
Very lucky puppies!!!
ORANGE Girl - "Oh sure I look innocent
SILVER Boy -  "did I hear them say we were
                                         going to have lunch soon?'
GOLD Boy - "I'm really very handsome don't you
GREEN Boy - "hey breeder guy,
     you've got something on your face."
   A very sweet face!
PINK Girl - "ask them why they
                                   call me Serena?"
BLUE Boy - "I really deserve to have my
                      whole head in the picture, I'm really
                                    quite photogenic"
HOT PINK Girl - "well someone
                                   must think I'm pretty hot!"
"Please put me down now!"
YELLOW Girl - "I'd like to see my
                                agent about my makeup..."
     "Is there something on my nose?"
6 Week Group