More Fun Photos of SilverLining gang...
                  Samantha, Sammer, Samster, Sam Sam - all around "Good Girl"

  Sam's owner is an amatuer photographer that regularly contributes photos of
   Samantha on some photo blogs - he gets really nice compliments on his
                                can see why!
                  Sam is Maggie and Sergei's sister  (Gabby and Schnapps litter)

Sam lives in Washington DC now  (we hear she is an
Smiling Captain at almost 12 years old, he    sees us once or twice a year - but has
never forgotten us!
                SNOW SAMMIE
                CAPTAIN waits to be told OK to get his treat!
      Capain is Sergei and Maggie's brother and lives in Pueblo, CO
   Captain's owners THE BAUERS were kind enough to allow us to collect  
      Captain to perserve  our he is ready to donate his collection!