SilverLining Weimaraners
RAVE holds ELLE while she chews  
                 her  rawhide roll
MILO ~ 4 mos with stick
KIRA~ 1yr
  MILO likes to skateboard ???
MILO  checks out snow...

Reserve to brother Sergei 1st time in the ring...
He severely injured his tendon ending his show days
SYDNEY ~ midway thru her pregnancy
                    Pretty Girl!
Look Mom-I'm Flying!
MILO    and      friend    Bella
SAMMY-7 yrs
    HARLEY and friend Maggie
      Baby MILO and his dad with his
        beautiful custom woodworking
CAPTAIN & his gorilla
MILO-watching it snow
  Male and Female
Stacking at 5 weeks
A young  JEDI and ELLE -WD, WB, BOS, BOW