WEEK 3 - Elle & Stewie Puppies

They are all eating out of the 'flying saucer' pan and happy to have Elle for nursing in between times.  They are playing with the toys in the box
    and each is very aware of something new in their environment - curiously and cautiously checking it out.

  They're brought to the family room  'pool' each evening to watch some TV and Elle allows the other dogs to interact with them some - however
   Maggie - Great Grandma can do whatever she wants!  She loves to clean them after they eat.

   Next week we'll transition into a larger playpen set-up to allow for more movement and freedom - they're getting too big for the confines of the 
   whelping box!  It will begin the process of using one area for the bathroom and one area for sleeping! 

  This is YELLOW
SILVER thinks about trying to ditch...
He tried so hard he wore himself out...the next day  he did manage to get out! 
Gosh, I'm so close...