SilverLining's Reflected Elegance
Rave and Sydney's Kids page
   JEDI freestacking -  6 mos old
*Professional Portraits by Jackie Lake
         Pet Antics - Rapid City, SD
JEDI watches for santa....
ELLE @  6 mos
SPORTING GROUP I - Rapid City KC Match
A Very Happy Jake!
    "Are you serious?"
Georgia Belle takes her engagement duties seriously!
Miss Elle - "ELMO"
JAKE the Devil Dog with mom and 'sisters'
    What a lovely picture and thought!
They participate in a Pet Therapy program
             Carlene and Belle-Colorado
Melissa stacks JEDI at Nationals '06...
  on the way to a Futurity Placement!
JAKE asleep on Dr Steve's chair after a long agility weekend.
Sister ELLE a few weeks after breeding.