STEWIE AND ELLE'S KID'S  Page - whelped 8/5/09
                          (Ch QuikSlvrs Reason To Believe, JH, NSD, NRD, V   x  Ch SilverLining's Reflected Elegance)
DENALI and her lab brother Kenai
   Group Picture @ 15 wks (l-r) Murphy, Rio, Emme, Saba
            Photo by Randy Solomon - Photography
    ATA attends her 1st puppy class!
Layla does some PetCo advertising!
                        Layla loves to shop!
   We think PETCO and Natures Recipe should contact her mom
Emme stops long enough to pose for 
                    Christmas 2009
           Denali enjoys some Oklahoma snow!
BODE @ 6 months...truely a handsome dog that resembles his father
       a great deal - he has a cowlick down his face just like Stewie!
ATA...hiding under bed and spending some snuggle
                time with her mom - she is very sweet.
DENALI ...showing some intensity and focus.
"Yeah-I've been modeling since I was a
a little mom is a photographer too"